Thursday, November 1, 2007


Yesterday was Halloween as I'm sure all of you are well aware of. Madison insited about two weeks ago that she be a Mermaid Princess. Not just a mermaid or a princess but both. So we combined the two and she was Ariel wearing her crown. She loved it. Went to the doors, knocked and would say Trick or treat... pause for candy deliverance..... Thanks! Then lets go to the next house. When a house was dark then it was Momma, that house is dead, we have to find one with the lights on. It was awesome.We went to my Grandma's house and she was able to go out with her cousins. Sadly James got stuck at work and then traffic. We were all sad and upset about it. But we still have our pumpkins to paint this weekend! I know, after Halloween. Thats right because thats when we will have time to do it together as a family. :)

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Leitha said...

Last night was great! Have a great time painting pumpkins this weekend. Look forward to seeing you on disney on ICE. -