Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shopping Extravanganza

Yesterday was a beautiful, yet exhausting day! After school Madison and I made our way to the mall for one of the longest days that I have ever in my whole life spent in the mall. Our goal

1. Check prices on a balck suit for James for the wedding

2. Find dresses for the Maid of Honor and my bridesmaid.

Well after looking in every store that would have any form of dress or suit, upstairs first, and then down stairs, we were at no luck. The dresses were either way expensive or extremely racy, and I'm not having girls that look like sluts in my wedding! No way! And the suits were more expensive then the ones that we found at Kohl's that also were on sale. So we finished our trip to the mall with a ride on the horses before we left. My this time Madison was barely able to walk and literally stopping and sitting on the ground in mid step. Luckily I made it to the car before she compeltely crashed and was no longer functioning. Lets just say she was asleep before I was even out of the parking lot!

So two and half hours later we were home and I had to work on my paper for Geography. On Tuesday I had gone to Kohl's while doing some of my errands for the week like always. I had found Jame's suit and size most importantly on sale and also on the clearance rake, Two red dresses that could work for the bridesmaid dresses. However, clearance means no returns!

Vicky after school last night, called and we went down. There was only one left!! SO we tried a few different outfits and weren't completely satisfied. As we were walking to pay I noticed on the rake of another section inthe store, the other red dress. And guess what? It worked! YES! So I got James' suit and the bridesmaid dresses done! Yeah!

Now we just have shoes, James' tie/vest for him and the guys and getting my ring resized and one for James, marraige license and finding a ribbon to use for Maddies' flower girl dress. Not a lot, but enough yet. at least my mom is handling the reception and James' mom is handling the ceremony food and stuff. So I don't have to much to have to worry about there!

So now that I have written a novel, I am going to go and do the chores around the house, once again. They never end do they!

The Bridesmaids dresses

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