Wednesday, June 11, 2008

With time comes great thing and with great things comes greatness

Can you believe that I have had friends that still talk to me after 17 years! Don't believe me. Check out the picture of Vicky, Brandon and I. We met way back in the kindergarten. Still friends!

You ask Madison who her favorite Uncle is and she will tell you, Uncle Mat. When he comes out to visit, that is the only thing that matters. She didn't want to get up and going this weekend and we told her that we were going to go and visit Uncle Mat since hes in town and spendthe day with him. OK! Up and ready to go in a matter of minutes. She couldn't wait to get there so that she couldwrestle and play with Uncle Mat. This time they growled at eachother, were constantly sticking their tongues out at eachother and they got out the lego trains! Its great to see her take to him so easily. Granted there are those first few moments of ... uh,who are you, but once that passes then its "Party time" as Madison would say.

One thing Madison does love to do when she's up at Grandma Jenni's isto play in the apple tree. Check out the expression on her face that I caught. Isn't it the greatest!

I was playing with my camera and got this picture of the Stone men. I think it looks pretty cool since it wasn't staged or anything.

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