Monday, July 28, 2008

Forever, for always, and no matter what

My dearest friend and Maid of Honor Vicky held a bridal shower for me. It was a very nice time and no unrate materials. I was able to have some of my closest family there with me. Felicia had to work and Becca was there she took the majority of the pictures I have for me, but in all the fuss of trying to get pictures of everyone we forgot to turn the camera around and get one of her and I! We will have to pretend and get one to add to it!! Thanks Becca for the help. Mom and Vicky, I just don't know what to say, but Thank you and I love you both very much!! and Guess what everyone... I'm getting married... In 6 days!! :)

Check this out. Mom made this "cake" out of towels, its decorate but a gift in one. I though it was the coolest!

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