Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's October

That means that its time for Halloween and more importantly it time for Mr. Gargoyle to come out. Or as he has been deamed this year, best frieen Monster. And let me tell this little girl will not leave the house, go to bed or step outside without running over and giving her monster a hug and the occassional kiss as well. Shes just sad that hes not strong enough for her to climb on his back and ride on him like Emmy and Max from Dragon Tales. (great show by the way, I still watch it with her ). Anyway, Madison has been talking about what she wants to be. And the two choices are Super Woman and if you have seen my videos you will know why. She loves the Song Super Woman byALicia Keys and sings it and thinks its the best. SHe know most of the words to the song and let me tell she jams when she hears it. The other choice is to be a spider. But not any spider. The spider I was when I was her age. Mom still has the same costume and it fits Maddie. So we are leaving the choice up to her. I think her being SuperWoman would be awesome because it fits her character to a T, However, the spider would be awesome since I wore the same costume and it wouldn't cost me anything to do. :) But we will see. We are leaving it up to her. She has to the week of Halloween to decide.

For fun: 1988 Miss as a Bee, Me as the spider and Jamie as a punk rock star

Maddie and her Monster, Pulling down moster to give him a kiss


Leitha said...

So much fun looking at old pictures!

MandarineMama said...

Wow! I never realized how much Madison really looks like you and Melissa!