Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We had lots of fun. Madison had tow costumes this year. She wore the Spider that I wore in 1988. Twenty years later it still holds together. Shes just as cute. The Spider was wore to the party at the library. But the Super woman came out at night for Trick or Treating with her cousins.

The Spider 2008

Super Woman. (Notice the additions to the cape? )
The Spider getting ready for the parade with the rest of the kids.

Cousins Madison, Felicia (auntie to Maddie) Benjamin, Tristan
Cousins: Benjamin, Tristan, Madison, Mike Jr.
Darth Vader, Policeman, Super woman, Transformer
My best giraffe ever

Our pumpkins all upfor Halloween

At the end of trick- or treating she was still ready to be Super Woman.

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