Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our child's well being

Ever worry about your child's health? Well I do. It is always on my mind. I want Maddie to grow up to be a strong healthy, active child. When she gets sick as she did this week my heart crumbles and I usually don't sleep that night, worried about whether or not she is doing ok, if I will hear her if she starts to puke again or if her fever won't go down. Well..... how about this one. Waking up and noticing that your child is covered in a rash! I mean everywhere. And then as you are trying to wait for a doctors office to open up it spreads and gets worse and more red and covers her face and eyelids causing her eye to swell!

Well after 4 hours at the doctors office, we find out that she has Exanthem. For those of us who have no idea what that is click the link. Maddie has what is the erythema infectiosum (fifth disease). It looks alot scarrier then it really is. THANKFULLY!!!

So to say the least, Maddie is curledup on the couch sleeping and I won't be sleeping to much toniht, keeping an eye on her and her temperture which is a little high. So keep us in your prayers and thoughts and if you child wakes up looking like this....
This kid has it mild compared to Maddie!!!!
You know have an idea what it might be... But please always take them to the doctors!

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Leitha said...

poor girl! I'm hoping she feels better soon!