Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fire, Fire, Firemen!

Every now and then people donate houses to the fire department to practice on when they are going to demolish it anyway. We have watched one before but this time it was the house right next to us. So for the lst week we have seen the firemen come over and prep the house and then on Monday at 9:00 it all started. There were around 20 firemen plus there leaders, about an additional 5 that I could count. It was great to watch. Practicing dealing with smoke, using the hoses, breaking out windows to make an escape and of course, rescueing the body of some one trapped inside. Even practiced CPR. It was great. My little girl wouldn't leave. She was so interested in it. It was nice to explain about fire and firemen and what they do and how important they are. It was fun to watch.
There were six, yes six fire trucks, plus the commander.

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