Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We have been having fun. Jack (the cat) came inside for a while. We have had friends over. Gone to activites at the library and enjoyed and not so much enjoyed the leaves falling. That means beautiful colors but also lots of work cleaning them up. I'm talking at least and hour a day and they are everywhere!! But on a side note I have started to work out again. Maddie walks with me everyday and then on the weekend I work out once with my Auntie. Hopefully we can see some progress but if nothing else it makes me feel better just knowing that I am doing it! Hope everyone is having fun. Did you notice my new header. I managed to get all my family memebers in it. No, I didn't take amy cat to the beach, but cropping is wonderful. :P

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and myspace wouldn't let me leave a picture comment. :(