Friday, February 6, 2009

Prayer Request

First of all. Hi to anyone reading this. I hope some one does. I never know. People don't comment, but in the end even if I'm the only one on here I know I've told everyone about it and keep it updated fairly regualrly to say that I try and keep you all updated.

Anyways, first thing here. I had an interview at WSUV to get into the education program on Wednesday.... Things are looking good. Won't know for sure until April though.

However my days of late since my last post about Landon arriving have been consummed with worry for my sister Melissa. She had the C Section which she needs prayers for strength and a fast recovery. Not even 5 days later returns to the ER with a high temperture. They believe that he gallbladder is failing after finding kidney stones. Therefore out comes the galbladder. However after returing home a day later, shes has a fever again. Her stiches from the c section are oozing blood and puss from being infected. To say the least she is back at the hospital. They have found an abscess on her colon after doing a CAT scan. They are debating on what to do next. Poor thing. Her birthday is tomorrow. She has been in and out of the hospital since the 11:45pm on the 22nd of January.

So heres my request to all of you. Please pray for my sister. To finally have everything taken care of. To have the doctors make a decison quickly and have it be the right one! To give her strength for a quick recovery. Strength for being a new Mom. She hasn't seen her precious nearly enough because of all of this. Hope for her to go home soon and NOT have to come back a few days later because something else is wrong. Thank you!

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MandarineMama said...

I read it, and I will pray to her!