Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Vicky

I was busy on Friday and didn't get to do my grateful Friday feature. It was going to be Vicky. Especially since it was her birthday. In the midst of the day I was running around like and crazy women trying to get things done. The owners of the place we are staying at were taking down the garage and shop so that they could widen the driveway. Ok. No problem,except it was full of our stuff! We had to find storage and quickly.We found some to day the least. I was dropping James off here and there and then we spent the whole weekend cleaning and moving the stuff. Now there is no garage. Plus side is now I have a view of the field and mountains out of my bedroom window. Down side is, my weekend was shot! I wanted to go to my parents and have Mom help me with my sewing machine. I wanted to take Vicky to lunch on her break. But instead Maddie and I ran over with some things we made and decorated her car... In the five minutes we had to do it. Crazy, crazy, but totally worth it... or I hope it was. :P

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Victoria Stanley said...

It was indeed worth it! I loved it, I took some pictures as well, and all the balloons are still occupying my back seat lol. Thank you so much for my birthday decorations and presents, I loved it all and I love you! You mean so much to me and are greatly appreciated even though I don't say it nearly enough. I don't know what I would do without you! Love you, see you in the morning at the Library!