Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

What have I been up to. Not a whole lot. Baking. This past week I made two things that I have never made before in my life. Let me tell you I think they turned out quite splended if you ask me. Ever have key lime pie before. I hadn't. But my Hubby asked for it. If you like lemon merguine then you will love key lime pie. Its a midler taste and I love it! It was simple to make. Just have to wait at least 8 hours for it to chill and its worth it. My whip cream didn't turn out right. I still haven't mastered this yet. It will get there though.

On Saturday I made my first turkey. A whole one! It turned out great. I was tired after wards. The recipe I used has you rotate the turkey to keep it nice a moist. Its worth it, let me tell you. And my turkey turned out great.
My princess is still growing as always. Isn't this dress just adorable! Thanks Grandma Dora!
Alright, back to the normal Monday routine. I already did groceries. Now I still got to pay bills. Do laundry. Dishes. Scrub the floors. Vaccum. Ehh, will it ever end?

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