Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunshine and Love

James got a replacement saw the other day, and like all kids, my daughter loves the box. She has moved in. Placing pillows, blankets, her snacks in there. Its been her place. Then last night we come home from my parents and she was exhausted. Walked straight to the box climbed in and went back to sleep. She slept there all night long and would have longer, but we moved her to the couch when James left for work this morning.

Our dog Mac has become baby protective ever since I brought Landon over. He even gets upset for a day or two after having him over, because he doesn't have a baby to protect. Don't believe me. Look at how I found him the other day. He had his head on the babies tummy and was protecting him till he saw me with the camera, but nobody could have the baby.

We went to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday put on by our bank. It was fun. Just Maddie and I. We will be going to another one on this Saturday put on by Alpenrose Dairy farm. James did a job for the owners and we were invited to go. Should be lots of fun!

Have I mentioned the sun has come out! I hope it stays.

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