Tuesday, May 19, 2009


OK folks. So no new pictures... I have slacked a little. How ever I'm sure in the next two weeks you will be getting a better post with pictures. We have James' 25th birthday on Friday. Melissa's bridal shower on Saturday and then Melissa's wedding on the 30th. I think I can get some.
We haven't been up to a whole lot. Hanging out a home. Fighting colds. Hanging with our friends.
Madison did ride a horse for the first time on Saturday at our friends daughters first birthday. Eventually we will get copy of those pics to... Other then that, life has been life. Busy but nothing to extraordinary. Ehh. More to come later.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cassandra! I love your site! The pics are wonderful. Stephanie sent me your website address and I will put it in my favorites.

Gary, Nathaniel and I are headed to San Diego for eight days next week. We will be visiting w/Steph, Katie and Ryan. I hate flying but once we get there, I never want to leave! We are renting a condo in Sunset Cliffs which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I can't wait to get there. I really miss the kids!

Hey, keep the news coming! My little Madison is growing like a weed! Give her a pinch and hug for Aunt Susy!

Love Ya!