Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kids Activities

I love free. Who doesn't? Especially when it is quality things and can be quality family time as well. We have gone to Home Depot on Andreson a few times for their Free Kids clinic. There they have craft kits that the kids get to build, using the tools provided and then get to take it home. They even get their own orange home depot apron with their name and when they complete a project they get a pin to add to the apron. If you are ever interested in this event it is the first Saturday of every month. Show up between 10 and 12 and its in the back corner by the garden tools. If your else where you should check with your local store and see if they have it near you as well.

Madison has loved going to Home Depot since she was little. Its a her and Dad thing. But you know Homer? The cartoon man that is the face of Home Depot. Madison say hi and bye to him every time we are there and she sees the little cardboard cut out. However a couple of weeks, HD was having an anniversary event. Guess who was there? The really Homer. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I recently learned that the craft store Michael's has a free kids clinic as well. We are going to have to check that out. They have one this Saturday for those who aren't coming to Maddie's party. You should check it out.

You can't beat free family activities in this economy. I always wish that I could do more with Madison, but can't afford it. I decided this is a great way to share the things that we have found with others. I hope that you check them out and enjoy.

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