Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Full Weekend of Fun

We had a very busy weekend. Madison stayed the night at her Grandparents house Friday. Saturday we went to Oak's Park for the day with my Mom for her company pinic. Sunday we went to Ringling Brother's Circus. And James worked all weekend as well. It was busy! But full of fun. Got to take advantage of all the activities that we can.

Entertaining ourselves on the way to Oak's Park in the car. Up, Up and Away!

On the ferris wheel with Daddy

With the Grandparents

Of course the carousal was a hit.

I do love having some time with my husband. He is a great provider and takes great care of his family! We sure do appreciate it.

Not to many pictures from the circus, but Maddie was sure excited to see the elephants. They are her favorite animal after all. But she did enjoy the tiger show as well.

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