Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Easter was a nice and relaxing day. Started off our morning at our place with a nice breakfast, then headed over to my parents to have a little Easter hunt with the littles. Luckily we got it done before the wind and rain. The kids made off lite bandits from the Grandparent Easter Bunny.
But some how while we were at my parents house the Easter bunny came to our house while we were gone to hide eggs here. *Wink *Wink. With a new house and all, he wanted to make sure that Madison got to have a hunt at her new house just like she asked for. However the rain did not hold off for it to be completed without a little rain, but that did not stop our little princess from enjoying herself.
We finished the evening off home with a nice honey ham, mashed potatoes, rolls (made from scratch and actually turned out! yeah!) and steamed carrots.

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