Thursday, April 29, 2010


We have been super busy... Ok not really super, just our everyday busy, which at some times feels super. Its spring in the NW, which means its time for flowers, new births and inconsistent weather. That's just who we roll out here. It could be beautiful sunny and 60 out and five minutes later 45 and pouring rain. These past few days have even been throwing in the hail for 15 minutes straight and then be gorgeous blue sky's curve ball in. But one thing that spring does bring is the start of some thing new and wonderful. Its one of my favorite season. The birds return, flowers bloom, grass grows, (which also means I have to cut it.) and its time to plant the garden for summer.

But enough random thoughts. More of what we have been up to, besides the ever going school and work, we have added a parking strip in front of our house, and steps to get to our front door. At which time, Madison drove the tractor all by herself.

Did I forget to mention that we are the type of family who allows their kids to play in the mud, in a dress, barefoot on a semi warm day and then when they are cold from playing in it, make them stop and take a picture because I warned them it would be cold and had to show Daddy what they did today?
We walk to the library and parks multiple times a week. We even built fairy homes at a Saturday event a couple weekends ago.

I helped my Grandmother host my sister Melissa's baby shower. At that time I was able to give see my adorable niece Bella at that time who is a crack up to be around. Landon man is growing up fast and will be a big brother in under a month. I also got to see my baby sister. Isn't she goregous!?

We've been taking care of my sister Felicia's dog, who is extremely hyper and let's just say, if I had an ounce of this dog's energy you would be able to keep up with me! But it had been good for Madison who keeps asking for another pet, and we told her that she wasn't ready to take care of another one. Now she sees why we said no.
There have been other fun things, includinga baby shower for my friend Jennifer and her adorable son Colston, but these are the highlights and things I have picture to go with. I hate posting without pictures and since I take so many... :P

Life has been good to us. We could not ask for more. Well we could, but why? Its a grand adventure all on its own.

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