Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life in General

Amongst our activities getting ready for winter, school, sports and family life; We have been enjoying each others company. Mac has finally excepted his new family members, (the babies) kitties. He even allows Tom to play with his tail. Funny thing is that Tom used to hate Mac. To the point of hissing and swatting at him anytime he was remotely close to him. Now I come home and find them laying together on the floor, best of friends.
Fall is coming. Therefore we have been trying to enjoy as much of the sun that is left. Including see what nature things we could find to enjoy. Any one ever trying to take a picture of a dragon fly or a spider web when there has been no rain, I will tell you its not easy. But I sure do like trying.
I know Madison and Mac have been having lots of fun and keeping busy when I go to the kitchen to make breakfast for Maddie and I on a Saturday morning after James has left, and when ready call for the kiddo to come eat and find them like this.
Apparently they were still tired and decided to crawl into Mommy and Daddy's bed and sleep for another 3 hours. And they were out cold too. So I ate, did some reading and got some things done in other parts of the house.

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