Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring is coming?!

We haven't been up to too much. We all got the flu last week. First me, then James, and then Maddie. Luckily we weren't all sick at the same time, but it still bites when you are out sick, for any reason. I even had to miss a friends party taking care of the little. But life as a Mom always comes first for me The say Madison wasn't feeling well, she spent her day on the couch and Georgina climbed up to lay with her and Mac followed right behind. Both laying their heads on her tummy and keepign her company almost all day long. They sure do love her.

Luckily we are starting to feel better and the sun is starting to shine. I even have bulbs that you can see starting to come out of the ground. I am very excited for all the flowers and color to arrive. :) Now if only it would be 60 and sunny instead of 40 or below and sunny; I would be one happy person.

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Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

Georgina huh? Was George missing a few things? lol. Sorry that all of you guys got sick, that is no fun. Hope you are all better now. Love the above post too, James is a really great guy. Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!