Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shannon Wedding

We were very happy to be apart of Jason and Allison's big day. We had it all planned out. I was going to go down and drop James off for prewedding duties, meet up with my sister and niece who were about 15minutes away, and then the kids and I would arrive at the start of the ceremony. This way kids had plenty or wiggle and nap time if needed.
Well I give my sis and call and there was an epidemic at the preschools in the area and B* had been exposed. Love ya sis, but not enough to expose the kiddos and risk it. So we drive around, found a water park and were unloading from the car when I get the call. We have a major issue. The shirt is the wrong color!! What!!! Looking at the tags and what was ordered everything looked correct. However there was a huge difference in the shirt colors. Hmm, so instead I put the kids, Eli included back into the car, which results in some very not happy kids!! And zoom down the road towards the nearest store, while the groomsmen are on the phone seeing which place has it. Arrive at one and the first person says no, we don't have that one. I talk to another lady, who by the way got a great customer review from me, and she said system said they have it and she searched, and searched, and searched. And guess what! She found it!! It was in the back with there stuff to be marked down.
(Store did end up returning my money for both shirts, I was not a happy person and we got to keep them both)
I fly up to the ceremony site and save the day. Just in time for the guys to get there pictures and the bride never had to find out.
But by this time we were 45mins till ceremony, by nerves were shoot, so we picked a nice spot in the parking lot, by some trees and chilled. Changed our clothes in the parking lot and tired to recollect our selves.
In the end lesson we learned, always make sure the bride and groom have double checked the clothes if they aren't there when they are arrived BEFORE the day of the wedding. At least there is a fun, opps can't believe this happened story for them to remember. 
At least we showed up with our pants! One other didn't. Can't imagine poor Jason, getting ready and  one groomsmen has the wrong color shirt and one has no pants. :)
The ceremony was beautiful, the kids cooperated, we ate, we danced, we had a great time and so did everyone else.
After 5 years, Jason and Allison are finally getting married!

Handsome all dressed up!

Eli did super, I had my arsenal of toys and a corner picked up and we survived the long day

Eli loved Chris' shiny buttons. There is something about this photo that I just absoultely love! Not sure what it is but I do.

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