Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 2012

Watching our small firework display

Last night of seeing Mat and Tracy before they head home again. Was great to see them and for them to have a chance to meet Eli.

Sparklers at home :)

Isn't he just the cutest ? :)

I love my kiddos. They make me complete. They are such a blessing and am so happy to be their Momma.

Her hair  is getting so long. She is turning into one beautiful, smart, talented little lady. Can't believe she is almost 8!

Really enjoyed having spaghetti and us letting him feed himself it to.  I think more of it got on him then in, but every kid does it. Nothing a little water and soap won't take care of.

Helping wash Daddy's truck!

His newest way of helping with dishes. Sometime he even pulls out the whole bottom rack and tries to climb all the way in there! It is now speed dishes. See how fast you can pull them out and get them put away. How quickly you can load, before little man takes it all back out again.

Roasting marshmellows for the first time at our house.

Playing in the machine.

Poor little man, so tired and not feeling well. But so adorable to look at.

Rafting in the Columbia River

This little one loved the sand

Safety first! Life vest always. Even when just on the shore water. Current and waves can sneak up. very important.

Creek at Abrams Park behind our house.

Chilling for the ride.

Playing with each other on the slide.

Having a blast swinging.

When he wakes up in the morning after Daddy has left. Who can't help but love this face.

Taking a nap together. And Mac keeping an eye on them for me.

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