Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A little review of the past month or so

I can't believe how much this girls skills improved this season. It was a great time watching as she went from barely able to walk and drip the ball to running with the ball, passing and making shots! We will be starting spring soccer in April. So exciting.

I was looking at pictures the other day and can't believe just how much she has grown and how quickly time goes by. We found the password to my you tube account and watched video of when she was first learning her ABC's and now she is learning multiplcation and division! How quickly time goes by.

This little man has become very attached to his blanket. You can always tell when he is tired. He will go and track it down and bring it or carry it around with him when he is tired or wanting quiet time. Can't leave without if it is going to be near a time when he will be needing to sleep. Its very cute. His sister never had anything like that. So it is  a new experience for us.

Looking out the window, watching for Dad to come home and in the house. So he can run and meet him at the door. This little man sure loves his Daddy and lets him know it the minute he walks in the door.

I can't believe just how much these two love each other. It makes my heart glad to know that they have eachother. He waits for her to come home and follows her around to play. Does homework with her and gives her lots of kisses. Trusts her just as much as he trust Mom and Dad. She also loves spending time with him. Only gets mad when he will go into her room and pull books off the book shelf, but gets a long great.

Her sure loves his veggies. The minute a bowl of salad is placed on the table he will be climbing up to the tabel to get it and starts to help him self to the veggies. I guess there could be worse things. ;)

In a major truck mode. No matter where we are, whether it be at home or the library, if it is a truck it is in his hands. He acutally brings a Bobcat metal tractor with him just about everywhere he goes.

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