Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Mexico

Remember how I said we took a plane ride? This is why! We went and visited my family in New Mexico. I got to see my Great Grandma and the kids got to meet their Great Great Grandma. We even got 5 generation photos to remeber it by. The kids we re so excited. They got to play with theri cousins. This is the same thing I remeber doing when I was their age and we went to New Mexico to see my Great Great grandmother too. Different generations, same experiences. Got to walk to the end of block and play on the park. We went and hiked up at Red Rock Park. Which with the amount of kids we had and the inury proned with was no easy task at some points. We went to a cultural museum, learned how to make tamales, played and just had fun!
Could have done without missing out on things while being sick, but the good memories and activites were worth it in the end. Love my family.
5 Generations

Kiddos and their Great Great Grandma Candy!

Cousins meeting and playing fort he first time.

Red Rock

Let the hiking begin!

Making the chili sauce

Lessons in tamale making

Making tamales with my Great Grandma!

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