Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting Away

James is getting ready to go into busy season and already was working 60+ hours work weeks not including the time he is putting in on the weekends doing bids and proposals. So we decided we needed to get away. It also ended up being the end of Spring Break. Which I love my kids but I was glad to have us all together and away for a bit by the end. It was a little over an hour away up by ZigZag on Mt. Hood. But It was nice and quiet. They had some wooded trails, a nice playground, indoor activity room, a really nice workout room, pool, hot tub. It was a great find. Not to mention relaxing. Even better- James' phone didn't get service which meant no phone calls, emails or work! He went back caught up on sleep and ready for the start of busy season. Granted here soon I will be luck to see my husband at times and will definitely need to do some stuff at the end of summer as well. It was nice being away as a family without all the distractions of our busy lives for a couple days.

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