Thursday, December 20, 2007

Grateful for the years blessings

This year has brought out many oppurtunities and new beginnings. I started the year off turing 21 in CT where I met James side of the family for the first time. Let me tell you kinda scarry but after all was over I met some great people and it was great to be able to finally be able to put faces to names. Madison was also able to meet her Great-Grandparents on that side which I find to just be fantastic. Then I went to a wedding in the spring where I met some of James cousin who are just wonderful!

But I have to say that they wedding that I enjoyed the most this year was on July 7, 2007. Eric Stanley and Crystal Thatcher are now Mr and Mrs Stanley. I could not be any more happy for them. Eric is basically my older brother and has been apart of my family for years. I was even honored to be able to play the GRAND PIANO yeah buddy for them during the ceremony. That was awesome. It was the first time that I was asked by some one to play for them and it was nice to know that all my years of training were finally used. Even if I was the most nervous I have ever been!!! But all and all it went great!

James has been working hard and is hopefully going to be moving into the office soon, which means he won't have to deal with the weather as much. I only have 3 classes left till my first degree. 2 of which Im taking next quarter and then its just geography and then my first ones done and then it on to my masters! heck yes, then end is almost see able. I'm worn out of school, but in the end it will be worth it, right? :)

Madison was excited to be able to hang out with her uncle Mat and aunt Tracy around Thanksgiving time. As she says when asked, who;s her favorite uncle,she replies Mat! (We wont mention that hei s the only uncle with her having 6 aunts, lol) but she definately loves her Uncle Mat and loved being able to see him for awhile since they live so far away.

Decemeber 3, I became an Aunt when my youngest sister Nikki gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl whom she names Issabella. my family has grown and we are greatful to have sucha wonderful family! I would be lost with out all of them! Thank you for being such wonderful people.

My mom and dad are doing great and are awaiting their youngest Felicia to graduate in June. flea turns 18 in February. What happened to my little sister who I could pick on. She is a beautiful girl and isgoing to accomplish great things once she puts her mind to it!! I'm so proud of her.My other sister Melissa has moved out of my parents house and has a great life going for her. She will do great too!!!

Anyways this is basically my year, not to much but enough that I am satisfied with! Love you all and take care! I have been blessed my our Heavenly Lord and am grateful for all that I have received.

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