Monday, February 18, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So I have been a little bit of a slacker as of late, what can I say its hard to stay on top of things lately. Tow weeks ago I was so sick I ended upstaying home and in bed for more then a day and then only later in the weeks was I feeling better. Only now am I pretty much completely better. But sadly now James is sick. hes hoping for just food posioing as bad as that sounds. But I don't balme him so much. :) I wouldn't want it to be anything other then that either! My sister Melissa turned 21 on the 7th of Februaury. Crazy. we went out to the club for her birthday and I have to say it was a blast. She got a little plastered, ok not so much little as couldn't rememeber about anything, but it was fun none the less.
Melissa, Aunt Jaime, Vicky and Myself at Studio 704
This is how she started out the night
Myself, Tony and Vicky
Bestest Forever

Then came Valentines Day where James brought us girls home some beautiful flowers. Maddie got orange roses and I got goregous redones and of course choclate to share. Everything that Maddie told Daddy that he had to get, he got. :)
My beautiful red roses
Madison and her first roses, and there orange even!

Then on the 15th of February, Felicia, my little sister turned 18! Can you believe it. Shes legal now. Yikes. I love her so much. She will graduate from High School this June and will be off on to her own adventures of this fun adulthood stuff :P
Felicia isn't such a little girl anymore ;)

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