Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time to Be on Her Own

Madison started preschool on Monday. She loves it. I thought that maybe she would be worried about staying by herself since she freaks out when we go to stroy time at the library. But we walked in and before i was even done introducing her to her teacher she was ready to take her shoes off and for me to be off.I hung around for a few minutes. I love it. Its so nice knowing that its a good school.Those of youwo don't know she is going to the preschool at Clark College. So there is alot of learning and they get to use all the new ideas and technologies on them. Its wonderful. The only time that Maddie is upset is when I come and get her to leave.
Luckily she is enjoying herself. Where as my Geography class is horrible. The teacher is all over the place and has no stricture to how he teaches. Only the thrid day and I hate it@ Glad its the only class I have left here at Clark. Just taking a two pe classes as well. Cardio kickboxing whichis actually more just kickboxing. The teacher actually was a US national team member. Pretty exciting. Then I have fitness center basics. I get to use all the equipment and stuff.

Excited to leave for the first day

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