Friday, March 21, 2008

Zoo Extravanganza

James Madison and I went to the Oregon Zoo and we had a great time. Sadly they were doing construction in quite a few places. But we were still there for 5 hours and stratgically skipped a few places, mainly birds that fly at your head! But we had a great time. Later we will have to go back because they are adding lions and safari animals and a section for traveling exhibits including dinosaurs. They are also adding to the outdoor area for the monkeys so that the oranguntains and apes get to go outside as well! Was a long day which I followed with Studio 704 for my brithday. Tired lets just say that. James was so excited to go because he hasn't gone in over 10 years. Lots of changes. He liked them all too. :) Was a great family activity.

The greatest animal ever! and was in a perfect spot for picture which made it so much better!
Zebra and my tired child
Looking at the rhino
he was playing peek a boo!

They are so beautiful. Bet you can't tell which one is the female!

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leitha said...

nice shot of Elephants, but the hippo butt and your daughters face.... a little too artie for me. He he he I'm just joking. I thought I'd leave you a comment, just remember you asked for it. Love you, glad Maddie likes her preschool.