Thursday, July 17, 2008

My girls

Monday of this week, was a long one. We decided we didn't really like the dress that we got for the bridemaids and were out to try and find a different one. Before some of you go crazy the first ones cost us a whole 10 with tax, so not like I went from one tht cost a whole lot to one that was more. :) Anyways, we were at the mall for I have to say one ofthe longest times I have ever been there, and guess where we ended up finding the final dress, but Ross. Got to love Ross. seriously. The girls were happy with them, and get this they one cost 20 bucks this time. HAha so 2 dresses later and 30 dollars spent, we got new ones. I love them. Much better then before. Will leave you in suspense of what these ones look like. Because even though I had my ccamera with me, I didn't take pictures of the final one, go figure right :) Plus you only have like 17 days till they get worn anyways :)

Madison and I playing while we waited for Felicia.

My girls: Madi of Honor- Vicky, Flower girl- Madison, Bridesmaid (sister)- Felicia and Bride- I

My girls! Madison sure does love her Aunties. This was right after dress shopping se the tired in our faces and we still had to go grocery shopping and to Home Depot!

My sister Felicia and I.. We don't look alike, I don't know what your talking about ;)

My bestest and I and Felicia giving me ears haha

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