Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Anderson

Life has been busy for us this month of August. During the week we try to recouperate from the experience and recollect ourselves. This has not been fully achieved yet. I have tons of laundry to do and there are always dishes in the sink, but what can I say, its life.
But I did want to mention that Maddie got to spend some time with her Uncle Mat and Aunt Tracy during the first week of August. They were out for Tracy's brothers wedding and then ours and were trying to fit in some visiting time with everyone while also having their 2nd anniversary. I just wanted to say thanks for fitting us into your busy schedule. This was the closest that they have ever been home for Maddie's birthday. Long story short. Mat has fish. Maddie said she was going to steal one. Mat got Maddie fish (from his house or so she thinks ;] ) fish is named Gussie. After her imaginary friend, (who is a Crocodile with purple hair and pink and green tongue who likes to get into trouble) and Uncle Mat's dog Gus. Maddie does love her fish. It's from her favorite Uncle you know.

Who need's to go to a water park,or buy a slip n' slide when you have Daddy, a hose, and a slide?

Lets see on the 14th Madison turned four! We stayed at home and had chicken nuggets and french fries as per request with salad from the garden, just what the birthday girl wanted. But not before we had to go out and swim and even had Daddy come a little early to be able to do this with her.

Then that Friday we went to our friends the Baune's place where they are in the process of building an underground house. James helped and us girls hung out by the little kids pool and his Dad's house. But the guys went up in the lift with the girls afterwards and took some shots. They picked pinecones from the tree and then came back down . The guys made it to about 75' in the air and took their pictures there and then came down.

Saturday was then Madison's birthday party. She had two friends from school come to here party, her best friend Kaisho of course and her good friend Abbey. Then she had some cousins, grandparents, great ones too, aunts and uncles. Tosay the least there were enough people. But of course this year it had to be one of the hottest days of summer that day reaching over 100. The cupcakes melted and the only real thing all the parents were worried about was making sure everyone kept water in them! It went really well. There was a theme to her gifts this year. Barbie and chalk. What she kept telling everyone and suprisingly no overlaps! I'm a little Barbied out from the past week, but it fun playing with her and remebering all the fun times that I had playing Barbie as I grew up! Thanks for everyone that came and enjoyed the day with us. But of course when I asked Maddie what she wanted for her birthday from me, she told me Green olives once again, same thing since she was two. And what did she ask from Daddy, but of course a tractor. So that is what she got.

To say the least this is how Maddie has been sleeping at night. Crashing and never wanting to wake up. She has been one busy girl! This will be one of our first unplanned weekends in a while. I wonder what we will be up to..

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