Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day Fun

Madison heading down the hill on the sled.

There is snow to play in. We took Maddie up to James' parents houst today to play in the snow for a bit. It was a blast. But let me tell you I have these cute pink boots that I got a few years back and they have no traction!!! I mean at all. I had to crawl, leterally people on my hands and knees to go up a little slope!. So to say the least I didn't go down on the sled or I never would have made it back up. So I will be investing in some real snow boots here pretty soon (or at least wear my rubber boots instead). :P

My Snow man and me. He's the greatest. He does the driving. I will not. Ha

Madison ruling the hill. And Becca helped fetch Madison after each run. Theres Muffin as well

Now for those related on the Stone side and everyone else as well. I got Jennifer on video sledding and thought I would share it for you all here. Enjoy. I have Rachel as well but its not as good. Maybe I will share it. Maybe not. :) Hmm What do you all think.? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Jennifer heading down the slope.

PS Can you believe that in one week it is Christmas Eve? Not me. I still have one person to get a gift for! Uggh and pick up James second half. So does that count too. That would mean one. And also if you look forward to my Christmas cards each year... Well.. The thing is, with the economy and the price of stamps, rediculous, I will not be sending out cards this year. I will post a Christmas letter on here and if I get motivated to type out everyones email address, maybe a email card. :) But I still am thinking of all of you none-the-less. Love you all!!!

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