Thursday, December 25, 2008

White Christmas

We have been enjoying the snow! Once we got past the intial snow and the thick layer of ice that formed on top of it and then more snow and more, we have finally today really reached snow where you can build stuff. Thats our plans for tomorrow. But we have been sledding. Lots. Thankfully James has 4 wheel drive and likes to drive in the snow. So we have gotten out to our parents house, friends houses and he even went with me grocery shopping. This is a big thing as he really doesn't like grocery shopping. But I have to say this has been a great first for Maddie and I. We got to have a White Christmas. and not just a dusting like we had last year but inches upon inches of snow. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas as we have.

Playing in the Snow
This is how we spent our Christmas. Mac even pulled Maddie on the tube.

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