Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday already!

Remember how I said I had the morning to myself the other day. It was enjoyable. But then I call my lovely daughter to ask her if she is ready for me to come and pick her up. I was thinking I would hear a sure, after my movie is over. Wrong. I got

Madison- but Mom I only stayed one night.

Me- Well yes. Aren't you ready to come home

Madison - No I want to stay two nights

Me- You sure you don't want to come home.

Madison- No Mom I want to stay

Me- Have you asked Grandma and Grandpa if its alright

Madison- Here Mom talk to your Mom

Me- Uhh Shock! To say the least my Lil one is sure growing up way to fast! She ended up staying all weekend at my parents house. So James and I did some work around the house that has been meaning to get done. We come in at 7. Opps I'm thinking whats for dinner. My wonderful Husband looks at me and says go get changed. Were going out.

Yeah. But to say the least we didn't want to go home after dinner. We were both wide awake. We took a nap too. :) Bliss. But here's the thing. We didn't want to go to a movie and didn't really have any ideas after that. Most stores would be closed or just about closed by the time we were done eating. So we drove around Vancouver with no apparent reason to go anywhere. Decided to go home and watched a movie. No interruptions. Except for our dog, who was heart broke and crying because Madison was not home, for the second night. You see these two are inseparable and sleep together. It was nice.

Here comes Sunday. After James makes me breakfast. He spoiled me this weekend. We call to see when to get Maddie. We head up at lunch. Hang up there for a little. Got to Home Depot to get a couple things. Go home. Spend some time as a family. Then we get a call from a realtor that we have been talking to. She comes over and we talk about a program for home buyers. And we fill out the application to get on the wait list. Now it could be up to 6 months before the money is available if we get approved. But its worth the wait, and price. :) So James and I have been looking at houses here and there on the web. Because once the money is available we have about 90 days to get a house and get it finalized. Best to be prepared.

Now that there is a lot of jumbled mess it is time for me to switch laundry again and see what library books we have. Have I mentioned that Maddie and I go to story time in LC on Tuesday mornings at 10. and Three Creeks on Wednesdays at 10:30. If your ever interested let us know and come along. It is lots of fun. Stories, songs, crafts and most importantly interaction with other kids! and Adults alike!

James and I on our night out.

Madison Monday morning. Completely tuckered out from her weekend away from home.

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Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

Sounds like your weekend was HEAVEN! J-E-A-L-O-U-S!