Thursday, February 4, 2010


As of January 13, 2010 James and I are officially home owners. The process was longer than we anticipated, but was well worth the wait.

Favorites about the house:
  • Large open living room
  • Dining room area that can be used and still have space for guests! Huge deal
  • Fireplace
  • Large backyard
  • Space for my piano
  • And so much more

Favorite about the area include walking distance to just about everything including:

  • 2 parks
  • Library
  • Cute little shops
  • Restaurants
  • Post office
  • Elementary and Middle Schools

Fun Fact: U-Haul was founded by Leonard Shoen in 1945 in Ridgefield, WA in a garage owned by his wife's family, and expanded through franchising with gas stations.

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Hollinger Family said...

Thanks for sharing about your is a joy to see, specifically cuz we are in a move transition that doesn't seem to be adjusting any time soon...I mine as well relish in someone else's blessing! and you guys deserve it!