Monday, February 22, 2010

We've been busy

It's been crazy. Getting settled, starting projects on the house. My husband could not wait to get started on. The kids however waited a surprising 3 weeks before they played in the mud. And by this I mean, were sent out to take the compost out... Five minuted later hadn't returned and found them like this....

And if you were wondering, it got a lot worse. Mac was covered in mud on top and bottom, thick, I think she may have/must have taken mud and put it on him. She decided she wanted to be a mud monster and literally covered all parts of her clothing with mud. I don't have pictures of this because at that point I was wondering how to get them in the house to the shower without getting mud everywhere in my house. Let's just say after rinsing them, not even having time for soap the warm water was all gone before we were finished. But I wouldn't expect anything less from my children.

Valentines came and went. Madison was excited. She had a valentines party and kept a card that she made for Daddy hidden and secret for over a week! She was very excited when Daddy got her her very own box of chocolates too. Luckily Valentines is the only time of year my hubby brings these home for us or we would be in trouble. James however may have got the short end of the stick, but he still was very happy. Madison and I spent the day before making him a key lime pie. Lets just say watching my daughter try to get the juice out of tiny key limes and then when she does and goes to lick the extra juice off her fingers, as lots of people do when baking, and get the taste of pure key lime juice... Priceless!

To spend some time with my nephew Michael I took him with Maddie and I to home depot for the kids clinic and he had a great time. Its once a month, maybe some thing I will have to do each month with him. And the littlest nephew is just a ham ball. For his Mommy's birthday we had a mini photo shoot at my house and had a blast. Did I mention Melissa is having a baby girl. Miss Chloe Ann Marie Ramseyer. Can't wait to meet her in May.

Other then that trying to stay ahead in school, visiting the family when we got time and trying to plan my sisters baby shower, we have been enjoying our time together as a family. Did I mention not having TV is wonderful! Hope all is well with everyone else.

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