Friday, March 26, 2010

Rainbow Cake Recipe

Rainbow cake Recipe
This is quite simple. It will surprise you.
2 white cake mixs
food coloring
2 cake pans

Mix cake mix according to package. Then separate into how ever many colors you wanted into smaller containers and dye them. I used the Wilton gel colors, but what ever you like.
Grease your cake pans.
Now this is the most complicated part. HEHE
Start in the center of your pan and drop, spoon or however you want to get it in there your first color you want. Then the next color will go on top of it in the CENTER of the cake pan again. What it does is spread the previous color out. Kind of like a very slow ripple. Starts small and then continues on ward. Keep doing this until you are out. I used two cake pans.
Bake according to package

Now a little advice.. I used 7 colors, the rainbow and my first layer got smooched out my the other colors. However if i would have taken half of my last color and added it to the first one, the last one wouldn't have been so prominent and the first color would have showed more.

I told you it was easy! Now go make you own.


Cassandra, James and Madison said...

Watch this video... Its easy to do. They did many layers but you get the idea.

Stephanie Amber said...

Such a cool video!!