Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainbow Heaven

What are all the pretty colors?

What if I was to tell you there was a surprise inside of this cake? Looks innocent enough.

Isn't it so cool!

This was when I cut the cake to level it for stacking.
This year I wanted to do something fun for my birthday. Well since that doesn't entail a whole lot and I came across a rainbow cake a few months back and have wanted to try one, but no reason to make one, I made myself one for my birthday. The one that originally found was baking individual layers, but that was just to much work for me. I think it turned out quite fabulous if I do say so myself. I was very excited about it. Ask anyone who came and saw it.

Now I want to try and make the cupcake version. I think they would be fun for a kids party.... or adult like me :D


Stephanie Amber said...

I love it! Can you send me the recipe?

Janice said...

very fun. let me know how the cupcakes go! so, how did you do it exactly, or did I miss that somewhere? BTW- love your page backgrounds!