Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Life Gets Busy

Ok so I haven't posted in detail about our trip and eventually I will. But we have been busy. School has started, soccer has started, and I am also teaching Madison piano. With Madison in school you would think I would have more time. Exact opposite. Just means that long list of house chores and projects that have been put off that still need to be done before fall and the rain arrives have to get done, 'cuz lets face it, I'm out of time. But I did want to take a minute this morning before getting to work to say hi and give a quick update.

Madison is now a first grader! Time sure has flown. During her first week I remember one morning looking at her and saying "I think you grew." Put on jeans a day later that fit fine the week before and 2" too short now. All her pants. Really? Really!

Madison has also started soccer. She is very excited about that. Her first game is this Saturday. I'm nervous. Not for her, but for me. Why? Simple I'm first up on snack duty. WHAT!! Talk about pressure. So it might be all in my head, but I've never done it and don't want to be 'that parent.' You know the one.... No not really. Me neither. HAHA But still.

Lots of stuff going on around the house. Including 4 kittens running around and determined to destroy my house plants and to wiggle their way into my heart and make it crumble when we have to find them homes. Which two are staying and two are going. IF your interested let me know. They are cute, cuddly and on a schedule. That's right folks, I got my kittens on a schedule. They know what time we get up and wait outside my bedroom door, have breakfast, playtime, nap time at 9-10:30 Lounge time Lunch at 12. Play till about 1. Nap#2 Wake about 3. Hang out, play, stretch and cuddle time. 5 dinner. Wait for James and follow him around. 7:30-8:30 play time and to bed by 10. And they all purr!!! and lots. Love a purring kitty.

Anyways better get a few photos to go with all this writing and then better get my day going.

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A little Birdie... said...

1st grade, seriously?! Wow...that flew by didn't it!? She sure is grown up and beautiful!

Speaking of snacks...I had to giggle because your comments reminded me of an episode from Everybody Loves Raymond where he has to bring the snacks to the tball game and he screws up. I couldn't find it on youtube or I would have sent you the video to watch. Its hilarious!