Monday, August 16, 2010

We've been busy

I haven't forgotten about you blog world. I just have been busy with the real world. I will do my best to put some of the great things we have been doing in the next week.

Just to give you an idea, the biggest thing we did was take a road trip vacation. Our original destination was Peoria, IL to see James' brother Mat and then to Indianapolis, IN to his cousin Joe's wedding. However, when we were plotting our road home, our sister-in-law Tracy suggested that we take I-9o home and hit the Dakota's and Rushmore and Yellowstone. When we looked at it and it only added about 5 hours to our trip, when we were already going 30, sounded like a good idea. We however nixed the idea of going to Yellowstone so that when we go we can have more time. Especially when we realized it is only 12 hours away from home. Next vacation maybe? We will see. We did however go to Rushmore, otherwise, who knows when and if we would have gone otherwise. When we stopped at a visitor center when we got to SD, we got some information on stuff to see on our way there. Including, the Badlands, Custer Park, Bear Country USA, Cave mining, dinosaur park, and a Mammoth Site and many many more. We decided to go to Bear Country, drove on the outskirts of the badlands and go to the mammoth site as well as Rushmore. It was a great detour. If you ever vacation to South Dakota, there is plenty to see and do!
After nearly 6,000 miles of driving, seeing 47 different state's licence plates and driving through 11 states and 9 capitols we returned home and have created many memories to last a lifetime.

I will later post more about each of our stops and the experience there, but in the mean time enjoy the few pictures as teasers.

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