Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let there be fall and decorations

On the agenda this week:
Keep up with our school work and supplements in numbers and reading at home, hopefully squeeze in a mini spider lesson as we make handprint spiders that will also have a mini math lesson (10 fingers - 8 legs = how many fingers used ) :)

Finish carving pumpkins, spaced out so Mommy doesn't go crazy with Madison's need to go fast which when carving with sharp blades does not og over well. So far we have cleaned the pumpkins out. Today we plan out design. Wednesday we start to carve, depending on taks finish Thursday.

Last soccer practice today, Games Saturday followed by team pizza party.

Making fall crafts including Stained glass pumpkins, crayon shaving leaves, and maybe even some paper plate ghosts

Planning class harvest party, hopefully getting enought supplies for the crafts and few treats for Friday

Halloween: Disney on Ice, Mini party at my place consisting in the Baunes doing some crafts, dinner and finding a residential neighboorhood to do some trick or treating in, followed by most likely a late night to bed and school in the morning.

Too much, maybe, able to complete, possible. Let's see how the week progresses. I'm excited though. I haven't done to many crafts with Madison of late or ever decorated for fall. Hopefully I will follow through and get into the fall season :)

PS Madison has been getting a little better in the attitude and respect department. I think she is starting to realize that it doesn't get her anywhere if she acts like a two year old who is frustrated and can't communicate using her words and actions. :D

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Hollinger Family said...

Hey Little Lady, I am giving you the Sunshine Award. You always make me smile =)
Drop by and get it!