Friday, November 5, 2010

Busy Weekend

Saturday was the end of the Galaxy season. It rained. They played and had lots of fun. Then later that evening we had a pizza party. They even got trophies.

Our pumpkin carving finished on Halloween. Saturday night I did mine and when Maddie got up Sunday morning, after breakfast, she carved hers. Sadly, the pumpkin seeds are all gone already.

Halloween was lots of fun. For us its a day to dress up and enjoy what fall is bringing. This year we started the day off with Disney on Ice. Madison was excited because she got to bring her friend along a well. They had a blast.
Then we got to come home to have some dinner with the Baune's. Followed by trick or treating up the block. It was a lot of fun. We chose a quiet section, with well light roads and not a a lot of people on them, which made it more enjoyable. And the temperature was decent and it didn't rain.

Madison did have a little trouble waking up the next morning but that was to be expected. :)
PS Madison decided last minute that she wanted to be a Pink Princess. Which was ok, since she was going to be snow white using her dress up clothes anyways. its was sill a costume we had all the pieces to :) First time being a princess.

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Rach said...


Thank you so much for my award, you are so sweet!

Seeing you Halloween pictures makes me want candy again:)