Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunshine Award

My cousin gave me this award. I am very humbled by it. :)

You are suppose to tell seven things about yourself and to bless 7 others with award. So If you get this. Pass it on. :P

So here it goes.

1. I have always wanted to be a teacher

2. I can't sleep with the dresser doors are open or closet door is slightly open. It makes the room look different and then I can't sleep. Also why I have a really hard time sleeping anywhere that is not my room. Vacations and hotels, I don't sleep much.

3. I love cats, but hate, hate, cleaning litter boxes.

4. I love the colors of fall, but don't like down pours of rain at night, that make it hard to see.

5. I love snow. Its beauty. The fun that you can have. But hate how cold it is.

6. I can't swim.

7. Its not easy thinking of things..... I play the piano and it gives me a great sense of comfort and love. Don't know why, but there is something about it.

Now to pass it onto to 7 others.

1. Heather @ Life in Our Nest- She is super Mom :P and her posts always make me smile.

2. Brittany @ Brittany's Recipes- Wonderful food that makes you smile when you think about making it or when you do, Yum

3. Cynthia @ Maloneys Baloney- Might be just starting but your posts always make me smile

4. Donna @ Totally Real - I love your creations. It makes me smile when I thin, I could do that. Then realize I probably never will. :P

5. Coree @ Girls Play Soccer, Too! - Its great to see how much passion you have and you are sharing it with others

6. Bridgette @ Bridge to Adventure - To see what you get to experience is wonderful. Maybe some day I will be able to travel, but until then reading about yours is wonderful

7. Rachel @ Playing House- You may not know me. I found you through Heather's blog and I love the way you post about every day things and its makes me happy to see other families who love to spend time together and do things.

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