Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Isn't she goregous?

This girl brings so much joy to my life that is hard to think what life would be with out her. We have our days when James gets home and he is in charge of Madison because I can no longer stand her and am at my breaking point. Then there are days that she nothing but perfect. Snugly, caring, polite and excited to get things done.

One thing that Madison has always done since she was little was join me in the bed in the morning after James leaves for work. To this day she still climbs into bed with me for our special cuddle time. Even when she says goodbye to James she tells him to tell me that she is waiting for me in my room. Where sometimes I hold her as she goes back to sleep or we read a book, or sometimes we just talk. I know that this won't last forever, but I will soak up every moment of it that I can take.
Have I mentioned that I love this girl to pieces? :)

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Hollinger Family said...

Indeed she is gorgeous, much like her mama! You are wise to embrace the days, regardless of the challenges that come...they grow up all too fast...*sigh* =)