Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life is good

Life is good. James has been working lots on a big project that he is trying to finish. It is a garden for a college and being so Madison and I were actually able to come and see James and the guy working on it. I'm very excited to see the finished project next week at the dedication ceremony.

Since James has been working long hours on this job, Madison goes into Daddy over drive when he comes home and especially on Sunday's when she gets to spend the most time together. These past ones have been full of picking on each other, goofing off and making enough racket to give me a headache. But I love it nonetheless.

My sister moved and although its not much, it is a lot closer to my grocery store and so I went and visited them recently. Landon is a crack up. I brought my camera over to get some recent photos of the kiddos and told Landon to give me a kiss and although it was hard because he was trying to push past the camera to give me a kiss, I just love this photo.

Little Miss Chloe is growing way to fast. At six months she is just gorgeous and rolling around all over the place. She also has blast jumping in the jumper-roo which my daughter loved as well. I can't wait, but can, for her to grow some more so we can go on walks and have more interaction. Auntie sure loves them.
Alright enough of this updating, I have to go and find Christmas lights for our tree. Its big and wonderful. I don't have enough lights to even do half of it.... I hope I can find some and at a decent price :)


Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

So happy to hear that everything is good. And i love the pics of the little ones, they are growing so much!

Hollinger Family said...

awww, love the pics!
Thanks for sharing!