Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Recap

Christmas was great. We had three days of it. Full of fun and family time. Christmas Eve we spent with my family. This was a hoot watching the kids. Madison was super excited and this year Landon was excited with the opening of presents. Lots of good memories and fun.

Christmas day we spent the morning just the three of us. We got to enjoy gifts from Santa and lots of presents from Mom and Dad. Madison was one happy girl. Especially since Santa heard her request and got her Bigfoot, special delivery from Santa's workshop. Around lunch time James' family came over to our house where we exchanged gifts, and had a great time hanging with each other for a couple hours. In the evening, we enjoyed a nice quite dinner, very yummy and time to play with our gifts. The next day we enjoyed more Christmas by having our family dinner at Grandma's house. This year was the first in a long while that everyone was there. The kids had a great time playing and the adults got time to catch up with each other. Although I do have to say that we are starting to run out of room. I hope everyone got to enjoy their family's and remember the reason for the season.

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