Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flea Wee is 21!

My little sis turns 21 today. I'm not sure how I feel about this. She is still my little pain in the butt sister who would stay up all night talking to her stuffed animals, running around with her horses and playing out in the mud girl to me. But now shes a working adult, living on her own, old enough to drink legally and doesn't like the mud anymore. What happened?

Dad and I were discussing this last night at dinner. He can't believe that Flea is turning 21 already. And then he said its not right that I will be turning 25 next month as well. Time went by to fast.

This is a thing that I try and keep in mind; Time does goes go by to fast. I try and slow down and remember to enjoy the little things. Like when I realize its 15 minutes past Maddie's bedtime for school but she asks for a story before bed. Will that extra 5 minutes really make a difference? Not really. Or will that extra long hug before going to bed harm anything?

Try and soak it all in. For all I know my own daughter is going to be turning 21 before my eyes, I will be wondering where the time went, sooner then I think. Heck shes already 6!

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