Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Life has been great. Finished some classes and now enjoying some time off for Spring Break. I'm getting close to be completely done. End of the year I should, as long as everything goes to plan, have my masters degree! Very exciting.

Just a few things we have been doing since our last post. James and Maddie enjoyed a date night together at the Daddy Daughter Dance at Madison's school.

We had a few snow days. One that actually got school canceled, but since we had no snow, traveled to go play with the cousins.

One two hour late start which meant playing in the snow at 6 o'clock in the morning. I remember doing the same thing when I was younger. Just hoping it would become a full snow day.

James and I have been great. Getting lots of projects done on the house. Coming up with many new plans that we want to "remodel" the house to make it more usable. I'm most excited for new electrical wiring throughout the house. We are about half done. That's half less that we have to worry about. Most of the old water lines have been replaced as well which means less corrosion and better water flow. But other things including working on the furnace, moving the washer and dryer down to the basement and moving the stairs to the basement are projects yet to come. Along with my new storage and built in pantry down stairs as well. Heck, we plan on living here forever, or at least I do :) , we might as well change it to the way we really want it.

But life has been good to us an we are very happy for the people and things in our life.

I am excited to start my garden soon. My bulbs are coming up, some of the early spring ones are starting to flower and the sun should be coming out soon to stay and warm up and fresh air. Ahh, spring, how I am excited for you.


Brandon and Jennifer said...

glad to hear things are going good. I think projects are fun even though they take a lot of time and effort... and money... ha!

Hollinger Family said...

simply beautiful =)
love hearing about your days, and your upbeat attitude w/ life... you make me smile.

Crystal, Sterling and the Kids said...

Thats great that you have gotten so much done on your house. All those things that you can't "see" really make a huge difference.

And Woot for a masters! didn't know you were that close, that is awesome!.