Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yeah! I finally figured out what was wrong with my blog. They went and changed the editior program and mine was set to the old one. Go figure.
Well since then we have had many a t-ball games, easter, spring break, James' birthday, and visit from the brother in law, Mat, and birthdays and an ever growing belly. Madison finishes up first grade on Monday. She is excited to be able to sleep in. She has been super tired this week. Sadly I think she is growing again. Grr... Time to buy more clothes. HAHA. and shoes. All of her shoes including boots not have holes in them. Luckily its getting to be warmer out and Mom just bought her and pair of sandles that will work in the mean time.
Speaking of mom, I am dog sitting right now, Merlin, which has been an adjustment. Love him to pieces but definately not a city dog at all. Reminds me of how Mac was when we first moved here. Barks at all the cars and all the people as they walk by. I also think he is really starting to miss Mom and Dad. But they will be back on Thursday and I'm sure he will be all better then.
Anyways now that the posts are working again I will try to come back tomorrow and add some pictures and life to the blog again. Hope nothing goes wrong again.

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