Wednesday, June 15, 2011

James' birthday

Oh, and I am now the elementary' PTA vice president for next year. I will be busy.
 A picture of me at 19 weeks and the other two pictures were taken on James' birthday.  James' birthday we hada nice causal dinner with family here at the house including watching the littles play and pizza for dinner. I even made him a strawbeerry rhubarb pie which every one said turned out pretty good. Glad since my first attempt at one before wasn't as successful.
The following week we were glad to have James' brother Mat in town for the weekend. We celebrated Jenni's birthday and Rachel's college graduation that week. Madison lovedhaving time to play with Uncle Mat. She played the game Guess Who with him for the first time and has become obseesed with it now. Lucky for her I found a brand new one at Goodwill last week that she has been making everyone she can play with her ever since.
Summer break starts next week. Lots of projects to get donw in the next couple of months. We sure are excited. 

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